Five 4 Five

Five 4 Five is devoted to creating a future for young people who, despite their ambition, have been overwhelmed by tragedy, misfortune or misstep.

Five 4 Five—so named because we partner groups of five young people with five members of our support team made up of adults and peers—provides what we believe to be the optimal structure for success. Not only do we offer immediate guidance to better education and jobs, we are also actively involved in their lives for years to come.

“I really could not have made it into college without your help. Thank you for all you have done for me.” 
BS, formerly homeless, admitted to New School of Architecture, San Diego

Five 4 Five presents a new initiative:


As parents, we want to see our children pursue their life’s passion. A key milestone in parenting, maybe the final one, is seeing your child successfully embark upon a career. Working with schools, neighborhood centers and community groups, Launch! helps young people individually, in small groups and in larger workshops to determine their calling. We call this discovery stage Mapping a Dream. After each child has articulated their dream, we help connect them to community leaders who can help them attain it. We call this stage Making it Real.

At Five 4 Five, we are eager to launch the next generation into success. If you know a young person who is struggling to launch, please get in touch.