A generous gift from St. John's Church in Ross, CA

Celebrating the generous gift from St. John’s Church in Ross, CA.

LAUNCH depends on people like you and organizations like yours to keep us going. Whether you support a person’s journey to employment or give them the tools to succeed, all your generosity helps us help people who are struggling to a better life. Here’s what your money can do:

$1,000 – Job Success: Covers the cost of one counseling one student for 8 weeks leading to job success – resume writing, interview skills, direct contact with potential employers, follow-up coverage until they are hired.

$500 – Tech Tools: Will purchase a refurbished laptop for one student who has been working at the school computer station.

$250 – Replacing Things Lost in the Fire: Covers the cost of equipment and personal items lost in the NorCal fire – a tool kit for a trades student, books for a liberal arts scholar, shoes, jeans, a decent jacket.

$100 – Giving Us Tools to Make Change: Enables us to refurbish or replace our failing office equipment particularly our ancient printer and our 8-year-old Mac. These are what we need to keep going!

$50 – Expands Our Students’ Worlds: Museum passes, trade show and advanced lecture opportunities are a key to students’ expanding their worlds. This donation goes to paying for their passes into the future!