Who We Are

Five 4 Five Board of Directors

Grad&Mam-IMG_0681-sm.crop.optMary Ann Maggiore, Founder and Executive Director, former Mayor of Fairfax. Mary Ann has made at-risk youth the center of her last 15 years. The President of the United States, the California Senate and the California Assembly have all commended her programs. Mary Ann was the founding Director of the Dominican University Student Service Learning Center and was nominated “Teacher of the Year” for three years in a row. She was recently named one of Marin’s ten most “Innovative Non-Profit Leaders.” Mary Ann is the author of Business Writer’s Survival Guide and Raising a Sane and Successful Teen.

Jeanine Alexander Howley, Vice President. As President of Howley Management Group, an international consulting firm, Jeanine has also been a development advisor to educational programs for the under-served at Dominican University.

Jonnette Newton, Education Advisor. Jonnette is the Five 4 Five head educational guide and the principal of the Martin Luther King, Jr. School in Marin City. Principal Newton is a musician who has used her musical learning to make MLK one of the innovators in advancing students through the arts.


Board members, L to R: Shirley Thornton, Steffie Finkelstein, Michael Kaufman, Andrei Jigalin, Jeanette Egenlauf, Jonnette Newton, and president Mary Ann Maggiore

Lori Goldwyn, Chair, Event Support. Lori is a long-time advocate of the needs of the underserved. A former college administrator, Lori is now a program coordinator for Marin Health and Human Services.

Jo Ann Richards, Treasurer. A former Membership Coordinator for the Marin Bicycle Coalition, Jo Ann is also a past president of Business Networking International chapter in San Rafael.

Michael Kaufman, Chair, Crossing the Digital Divide. A former aeronautical engineer, Mike became a lawyer specializing in patent law for high-tech developers. Mike has also served as a tutor at Canal Alliance in San Rafael.

Alberto Martinez, BS, Workshop Facilitator. One of our original Five 4 Fivers, Alberto is now a college graduate and successful business leader. Alberto is the head of AMC Bookkeeping. A long-time active member of the Canal community in San Rafael, Alberto is the founder of the original indoor soccer league at San Rafael’s Pickleweed Recreation Center.

Jeanette Egenlauf, Youth Advisor. An active filmmaker, Jeanette inspired the Five 4 Five model 14 years ago. Raised in Marin City and San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood, Jeanette is the founder of Art Created Evolution, which seeks to make social change through film and other media.

Andrei Jigalin, BS, Board Member. Former President of Novato Youth Center, Andrei is a community leader and Principal at Alpha Wealth Management.

Steffie Finkelstein, Board Member. Steffie is an award-winning realtor at Decker Bullock Sotheby. She has long been involved in supporting the work of youth.

Advisory Board

Gina Brownstein, Founder and Education Director. Raised in Marin, Gina’s work with young people has attracted many accolades in both the SF area and LA. Named Outstanding Recent Alumni by Scripps College for Women, Gina is a working artist whose art has been featured on MSNBC and other media. Gina is Chair of the Art Department at Hoover High School in Glendale. Her specialty is “Multi-Cultural Diversity in the High School Classroom.”

Rogelio Castro, Advisor. Rogelio is both a soccer coach and a prize-winning runner. He is one of the original athletes of the citywide “Students Run LA” marathon team of East LA. As well as advising Five 4 Five on financial matters, Rogelio serves as a mentor to at-risk males in our program.

Hope Fastman, Board Member. A Special Education teacher for 25 years, Hope’s work has focused on early childhood development. Hope is a long-time advocate of youth, having been an advisor on projects on both the East and West Coast.