The LAUNCH Process

At Five 4 Five, we believe the most important strategy is the one that works.

Launch! is designed to give each child individual attention as well as peer support. This dual approach helps students develop long lasting friendships and enduring mentor relationships.

Group Sessions

We first meet with educators, neighborhood groups and faith communities to identify young people who are struggling and could use our help.

Then we conduct workshops—lively presentations with non-threatening assessment tools kids can really enjoy. These sessions allow us to gauge how we might support each child. Then we share how Five 4 Five can serve each one. Those who are interested in learning more are invited to a small group meeting where we answer questions and they get to know us better.

Individual Sessions

One-on-One counseling session

One-on-one counseling session

After the small group meetings, we meet with each child individually to learn more about them. We discuss their dreams and how they can attain them. We start mapping a plan to fulfill that dream, including possible careers and training programs. Then we contact community leaders who can guide them.

Peer Groups

Supportive friendships are vital to life accomplishments. At Five 4 Five, we have found that peer group support is essential. Building on established friendships and helping to create new ones, we form support groups to gain and give encouragement.


Our Job School workshop series serves ten or more “Dreamers.”  For 90 minutes once a week and continuing for 6 weeks, we teach young participants how to find a job or create a job of their own.

For many youths, working for others provides a great initiation into adulthood. For these job seekers, we offer a curriculum to help them succeed in the workplace. For others who seek self-employment, we offer an alternative program. Because we have many self-employed Board members and among our community connections, we can model a strategy and process for success.