About Five 4 Five


College-bound Five 4 Fivers

Early Successes

Five 4 Fivers have already chosen many different paths.

  • Some are now successful artists, teachers, and health care professionals.
  • Some are accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, and administrators.
  • Some have chosen a path to four-year college.

The vast majority live the lives, and the dreams they chose.

“Five 4 Five has encouraged me and helped me through senior year by keeping in contact and always being available for me. It is not only a support system but also a guide. I have never been part of a system that has done this.”
B.C., now a student at UCLA

“I felt the guidance and connections I got from Five 4 Five really helped me choose a goal and go for it.”
N.I., UC graduate, healthcare administrator

“Five 4 Five showed me my work in the community was important. Through them, I have made great friendships—connections that have changed my life.”
DS, UC graduate now studying for a Masters of Law